Monday, January 2, 2017

Finding New Color Combinations for your Artistry; Keep Your Mojo Workin'

The original photo
  A couple of years ago, I began thinking about making a presentation called 'Keep Your Mojo Workin' about some of the many ways I find inspiration when things just don't seem to be clicking. I ended up with pages and pages of notes and more ideas than seem able to fit in my wee pea brain, but here is one that I find extremely cool.
Hue at +40

Hue at +62
Hue at -97
  Find something you've made (in this case a bead, of course) or even a photo whose color combos you really like. Put that photo into a photo editing program such as photoshop and modify it. In photoshop, go to 'adjust color' in the 'enhance' drop down menu, then go to 'adjust hue/saturation' in that drop down menu. Then go to town moving the 'hue' bar up and down. From subtle color differences to radical changes, I guarantee you'll find some color combos you never would have thought of! Now to match the colors with glass rods....

Hue at +180
Hue at -47