Friday, August 30, 2013

Focus on Life- Week 35- Growth and Change

The Chicken
Part of the Wall
Well, I have been focusing on change so much lately that I haven't even written anything or shown any new pics for weeks! It feels like I've been moving, moving, and moving some more- to cabins, sublets, tents and, finally to the seasonal place I'll be care taking for the winter- a big house and carriage hose that can have up to 25 guests! Wish me luck (I just may need it...)

As far as photos- well, hmmm... I had cause to go back to a campground I stayed in a bit over a month ago- I'd built a few rock sculptures, with the intention of having them go all around a wall. Lo and behold, most of my sculptures had fallen (we've had a few pretty good storms), but there are now rock sculptures standing all around the building- so many different styles-and I just had to add a few more! Community art at work.
Sorry these photos are all a jumble- I can never seem to make them appear where i want them to.
To see what everyone else has been up to, start at Sally's Blog.

Perched Bird


This little guy was there to greet us

Monday, August 26, 2013

Seahorse Tutorial Results

The sweet seahorse Doris made!
I'm always so excited to see the results when someone uses a tutorial that I wrote. Doris Stumpf makes a lot of wonderful sculptural beads- whimsical little people and such. I was pretty excited when she decided to splurge on my seahorse tutorial a few days ago- she made a wonderful seahorse and even wrote a blog about it! Thanks so much for sharing this, Doris!

And, if anyone should have a yen to try this tut themselves, you can buy it right here- I think it's actually a pretty good bargain. Lots of information, and it even tells you how to make the seahorse with the steps two different ways around. I naturally go in a certain order, even though the other way makes a bit more sense! You can pick your favorite.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Focus on Life Week 32, From Where I Stand

This week the prompt from Sally at focus on life was 'from where I stand' so, as you can imagine, Fats Domino singing 'I'm Walkin' was one of my theme songs. Had to just take this literally and show you some of the places my feet took me this week.

 OH, and I found some new shoes- cheap! And the question is- socks or no socks? I was informed that they looked wrong with the socks. Just old fashioned, I guess!

I'm sending you to Islandgirl's Insights to see where others are standing this week!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Hues of Blue- Focus on Life week 31

On the way to the post office (and the beer store)
Well, I have to admit, this was a bit last minute for me. I knew where I wanted to go and take photos, but totally forgot about it til just a little while ago. I've been roaming about a bit these last few weeks, and find myself in an apartment complex for the month- very close to some wonderful scenery. So I thought I'd treat you to a bit of a Hogwartian campus with a lot of cloudy blue sky. Wish I could show you all of the hues at once. And in the tradition of showing off my post office adventures, I'm including a photo of the scary suspension bridge I now have to walk across when I go to the P.O.
What the camera saw
I couldn't resist photoshopping a couple of these photos to accentuate the blue. When you're at the top of the town, the sky is very big, and everything seems quite vivid!
What I saw!

  See more wonderful blue hues while you listen to BB King sing the blues at Sally's Blog!
A bit of extra blue for you

Had to add this Nigella (Love in a Mist) as I know we all love our flowers!