Friday, June 28, 2013

Focus on life week 26 ?????

 Well, this being week 26, we're just about to embark on the second half of the Focus on Life Challenge. Most every week, Sally's blog sends me out and about on a walk to see what I can find- that's one thing I love about this project - getting out of the house, thinking about something I wouldn't normally be thinking about on my weekly 'Sally Walk', camera in hand.

A couple of weeks ago I started noticing some of the little plants that grow up between the cracks in the sidewalk. Ever since I saw the book Wild Green Things in the City, I've been enchanted with these little wonders. Kind of make me think of my own life, forever pushing my way past this and that obstacle and (hopefully) coming out on top. 

When I went on my walk today, the first thing I saw was this lovely feather out on the sidewalk. Thought I'd photoshop it up a bit- I loved the week we all altered our photos- what fun that was. Something I really want to continue investigating.

Thanks Sally, for all the great ideas, and for getting me a little ways further outside my box. Looking forward to the next 26 weeks! Come see what everyone else is thinking about this week at Sally's blog!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

You Are... Focus on Life week 25

Well, in my mind I changed this from 'you are' to 'I am' So that's what I'm going with!
One thing I am this week is late! I've been forgetful about blogging lately.
This week, I am a bead researcher. I have a lot of ideas about making focal beads- what looks good and what doesn't. But the question is- am I right or wrong? So- I'm asking y'all, among others, for a bead assessment. Here are four beads- all very similar in color, but different in shape and other design details. So the question is- do you have a favorite? One (or more) you don't like? can you explain why??
When I make beads there are always a lot of different thoughts and ideas knocking around my brain- about what I want to do with that bead, what I want to do next, and what others might find interesting about how this all works. One burning question I keep coming back to is what makes a good focal bead!!??!!
Let me know what you think! To see more of what we are, check out Sally's Blog!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Typography, Focus on Life Week 24

Well, Sally's done it again- gotten me looking around and thinking about things I don't usually think a lot about.
To quote Liza Dolittle- 'Words! Words! Words! I'm so sick of words, I get words all day through; first from him, now from you! Is that all you blighters can do?'
We are surrounded by words and images. The first thing I though of was the 'graffiti wall' near my house. It gets whitewashed regularly and graffitied twice as often! The junk food junkie is a regular contributor to the wall. I have to admit that I can't read half of what's written there, but it can be pretty interesting nevertheless. Seems every contributor to the wall has his own style. Then I saw a train going by and started thinking about the graffiti that is on the side of many of the cars- kind of a traveling ad, I suppose.

On my walk I saw building names carved in stone, business names imprinted into sidewalks and manhole covers, and company logos. Words and images together can deliver a powerful message- there are some we are so familiar with that we don't even need to read the words to know what the sign is for!
To see what some other folks are tapping and typing, check out Sally's blog!