Monday, April 23, 2012

Trial ( & Error) !

When a customer asks for something special- like a pendant to match a pair of earrings- I always try to give‘em what they want. But sometimes it ends up being a LOT harder than I thought it would.
Recently I had a customer who wanted just that- pendant and earring set. I looked at the earrings and thought ‘can do!’ I knew exactly which colors I would need, and even had the earrings in my hand to refer to. But none of that seemed to make a lot of difference.
The first two were nice enough, but the rubino oro just took over. I didn’t even want to show those to the customer, so I tried again. Still a nice bead, but where did all the periwinkle I added go? And the pink was nearly non-existent. 
One more chance was all I had- the gas was running out, and I was getting ready to move (yes, again….). Finally I got a couple of choices made that actually matched the earrings nicely- my customer made her choice, the gas ran out, and I hit the road! Now what to do with all those other pendants…..?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Annie's Great Finds - Vote for My Beads (or something)

It's all in the timing, yes? Although my real life has been in flux for way too long, life on the internet just keeps on keepin' on. So while I'm hitting the road yet again, some of my beads will be enjoying a moment in the spotlight as contestants for Annie's Great Finds blog contest.
It's a blue themed contest. My beads are the ones that are listed above the name glass bead- that's my name on etsy. Isinglass Design is just too darned hard for folks to spell! The beads are pictured here. Since I need the soap (no, really) I'm hoping you'll cast your vote my way. But if you don't, I'll never know- it's a secret ballot!
Anyway- go take a look if you've got the time. pick out your favorite and vote on it- good practice for November!