Friday, March 28, 2008

Other folks who use my beads

Here are a few folks who have used my beads in their work.
It's about time I gave them a bit of credit!
First is my partner in a cooperative effort on etsy, Sue at Signature Sterling- I made some beads, and she'll be using them in a piece of jewelry. I can't wait to see what she comes up with.
Here are the beads I made that she'll be using:

They don't look like much in the picture, but I know Sue's going to come up with a great plan to show them off! And they look so much nicer in person- a bit of blue opalescent Italian Moretti glass rolled in goldstone and white enamel, with some sapphire blue scribbled over it all.

The jewelry Sue makes will be sold as a benefit for Creative Minds for Charity , which will benefit an etsian in need through the helping others street team (HOST) on etsy. For information and updates, go to the Creative Minds for Charity link. There is also a Flickr Group set up for the project.
To see the progress on the piece Sue's making with these beads on her blog, go to

You've got to go to Sue's blog and see what she's been up to- she stays pretty busy, what with the kids and her- shall we say obsessive? (sorry Sue)- love of OSU!

Next is Paula Berry, who made some lovely earrings out of a pair of fish she purchased. She also encouraged me to make seahorses- which was fun, and I actually did a decent job of it! Here's one swimming past now!

Here is the picture of the fish earrings Paula made. She did a great job with her photo!

And here's her shop on etsy:

And last is Nancy and the kitties who have the frillz shop on etsy:
She took an odd piece that I had fused from bits and pieces of glass I had left over, and made a lovely bracelet out of it. Here's a picture:

I'm so excited to have others using some of my pieces in their jewelry, and to actually get to see photos of the pieces is great. Thanks to all of these lovely women for their help and support!

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