Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Making Shipping Boxes

I am hoping these photos are rather self-explanatory. In an effort to reuse and recycle, and to keep shipping costs at a minimum, I have resorted to making boxes for shipping out of clean cardboard such as cereal and cracker boxes. I'm posting this here now because my daughter just made her first etsy sale in her shop, and I thought she might could use the instructions. No words, just follow the folding (and cutting) hands! Tape it up and away you go!
By the way, this box goes inside a bubble mailer- I don't feel it is sturdy enough to ship on its own. After all, I'm shipping glass (whether my postal person seems to believe me or not...). As someone pointed out, now you can make the boxes whatever size you need. Whoops- an important piece of information I forgot- if you are using delivery confirmation and mailing by first class mail, your package must be at least 3/4 inch tall, so make sure your box and the bubble mailer add up to that. Otherwise you will have to pay for priority mail. I don't make the rules.......

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El Salvador Shipping said...

Fantastic use of a piece of scrap! I'll spread this along to all my friends, great idea for shipping!

-Gloria Karmanites