Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hope- Focus on Life Week 19

Lord save us all from... a hope tree that has lost the faculty of putting out blossoms.  ~Mark Twain

Well, I am very late to the game this week- I hope not too late! I've been thinking about hope this week thanks to Sally's prompt. Seems like I'm always hoping for something as folks everywhere are all the time. I'm going to show y'all a bottle tree this week- a kind of hopeful symbol in this neck of the woods.They are meant to trap evil spirits- and the moaning sound they can make in the wind is those trapped spirits. Why do I call this a hopeful symbol? Well, I think it's pretty hopeful to believe you can capture bad spirits, thereby making your life better and happier!

People are always coming up with creative ideas to make their lives more hopeful- amulets, talismans, dreamcatchers, all the little things we like to use to give us a feeling that we can make the world around us a wee bit better! So cross your fingers and let's get this game we call life rolling!
See more signs of hope at Sally's Blog.


Beti Horvath said...

What a unique symbol of hope! The trees are very attractive, too.

Islandgirl said...

Interesting idea.. however I don't think I'll be building one of those anytime soon!

Becky Pancake said...

Your bottle tree is lovely. I have seen bottle trees before but I didn't know the meaning of them.