Sunday, July 4, 2010

Neapolitan Man and the new Vetro colors from Frantz

I'd like you to meet 'Neapolitan Man'.
He's made with the six new Vetrofond colors that I just received as a sample from Frantz Art Glass- pale pesto, biscotti, cream, verde, purple and mauve. The only other things I used were some Moretti clear and intense black. Oh- and I forgot, a little bi ant of raku frit, which reacted nicely with the purple.

Sometimes I see a bunch of rods together and it says-
'look how well we go together- why don't you make something out of just us?
No other colors allowed!'
And thus Neapolitan man was born. Just seeing the words pesto, biscotti and cream made me hungry! So naturally, he had to be named for some kind of Italian food too!