Monday, August 8, 2011

New 'Widget'

Well, I was chatting with some folks the other day, and noticed that one of them had this interesting thing on their blog- a little slide show of things in their etsy shop. When I asked about it, the explanation was rather vague. But then I right clicked on it and saw that it came from

If I can do this, anyone can! Just go to 'widgets' at the top of the page, the 'etsy shop' tab, fill out the info, copy the code, and add it to your blog gadgets. There are a lot of ways you can customize it- different backgrounds or shop sections. Mine is just the sea life section of my shop for now. Just a little something for fun!


Morning Light Glass said...

Laurie that's cool!! It's fun to look at a little slide show of your work!! Thanks for the tip!!

Gold Charm said...

I like the little fish sitting on the pendant.Really nice and cute little fish is lively and vibrant colors.It is nice to add these pieces when the dress is a little bit simple and you need to look ore attractive.