Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wing-y Earrings

 After the winglet I posted in my etsy shop the other day got such nice comments, I decided to try making a pair of mini winglets for earrings. But my mind is spinning with questions.
First- Should the hole be this size or should it be a lot bigger? In other words, should the hole be more a part of the design of the bead? The holes on these are much larger than on a regular bead, but I get the feeling that they could be even larger.
Second- How should these be bailed? Just a jump ring through the hole, or more like these leaf earrings? Doing them like the leaves leads me to the next question.
Third- Which way are earrings like this supposed to face? I've always bailed them so that they face the front- parallel to the front of the face. But I have seen earrings that face the side- perpendicular to the face. Which is correct?
Fourth- these are a little bit different in size. One is a bit wider. I'm passing them, but wonder what others think.

I'm open to ideas and suggestions about how to make these babies work!


ParrotiseBeads said...

well, I'm gonna be a whole lot of help (ie...none). Your winglets look like some leaf earrings I've made before, very similar to your leaf earrings. I had the same questions. Which way should they face? Couldn't decide so I did both. I ended up just using a jump ring to hang them. Both facing front and side sold well so I don't think there is an answer unless it is either. Love the wings! Would like to see what you can do with it if it had a bigger hole! Then they would pair well with your portals

glassbead, isinglass design said...

Thanks! Good to know that either way could work.

Katie said...

So first, either front or side is fine. Personally I would wire wrap so the bail is facing forward - you could do it both ways and see which sell first (or best). I will send you a diagram of what i would do. If you use a jump ring, use a LARGE one as a part of the design. And finally, I like the size of these holes, but I would also love to see some that are larger - that was part of what I liked about the pendants.

glassbead, isinglass design said...

Thanks Katie! I was thinking of trying a large jump ring. But I'll bet I'll go with a bail of some sort. Looking forward to seeing your diagram!